Website is under license of Lombok Travel Online (LTO Tours) company who has provide all of your dreams to be tangible ideas and trips management by do some great activities of adventure vacations, we combine helping locals to meet with you as one of all new worldwide friends. providing an idea to sniff the gorgeous of Komodo dragon excellent Nature Island for your new unforgettable experience and provides an idea to make your family or related closer for your fortune future.

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Provide you travel packages especially on Lombok, komodo island, cars, hotels, guides, culinary meals, beyond Lombok and komodo packages with hotels reservations and services, for your unforgettable experience of adventure and vacations travel in Lombok and Komodo trough beyond.

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We provide you all local experts guides, in average have over than 10 years experienced in travel administration management and guiding guests in Lombok and Komodo island beyond. That will guarantee about the real information about Lombok and komodo Island in detail, fun, safe, and exception as your dream. You will glad to met us.

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We open our office in one of main resort in Lombok Island, detail of our address is:

Office Address:
l. Raya Senggigi Km. 12 Desa Senggigi Kec. Batu Layar
Mataram – Lombok Barat – Nusa Tenggara Barat – Indonesia

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Hp / WA: :+6281237812222 or +6281998998777


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Mr. Eko Budianto Hartono

Director, CEO and Co-Founder

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